Preparing for Fall 2020

The Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL) will be offering three levels of faculty development opportunities over the summer to help instructors of all levels and experience (faculty, lecturers, part-time instructors, and graduate teaching assistants) prepare for the Fall semester. Instructors from Branch Campuses are welcome.

Level 1: Remote Fundamentals

Starting in June, CTL will provide an online, asynchronous, self-paced module designed to help instructors implement several low-effort strategies aimed at creating an online environment that is both welcoming and supportive. In order to successfully complete the module, participants will be asked to provide evidence of strategies implemented. The module will require approximately 5 hours of effort. Instructors can register and complete the module at any point over the summer.

Registration for the self-paced module can be accessed HERE.

Level 2: Course Design Institute

Starting in June, CTL will offer a series of 1-week, online, course design institutes (CDI) designed to help instructors prepare for a variety of online or partially online delivery methods for the Fall. The CDIs will generally focus on designing courses with learning objectives/goals in mind, creating welcoming online environments, offering alternative online assessments and providing frequent and effective feedback, and leveraging technology to provide additional collaborative activities. Participants will be asked to complete 10-15 hours of *mostly* asynchronous activities over the course of the week. In an effort to create a supportive community for instructors, there will also be *some* synchronous meetings with other CDI participants.

Registration (and dates) for the CDI can be accessed HERE.

Level 3: Evidence Based Practices for Teaching Online

Evidence-Based Practices for Teaching Online is a fully online, asynchronous faculty development course. The course covers topics such as Backward Design, Active Learning and Authentic Assessment, as well as how to build a course using UNM Learn tools. This course is recommended for instructors of all experience levels who are teaching asynchronous courses using the Blackboard Learn (this includes Remote Arranged and Online scheduled courses). Participants will be asked to complete approximately 2-3 hours a week throughout the 6-week course, plus additional time to both work with an instructional designer and to work on building your course(s).

Registration (and dates) for the EBPTO course can be accessed HERE.

Additional Support

One-on-One Consultations:

  • Help with general teaching strategies online: Schedule your appointment HERE.
  • Help with Help with writing activities, alternative assessments and effective feedback, academic integrity/plagiarism: Schedule your appointment HERE.
  • Drop in Sessions and Webinars for using Learn: schedules can be found HERE. (Click on “Open Labs” or “Webinars” tabs)

If you have any questions about Levels 1 and 2, please contact Kim Fournier (Associate Director, Center for Teaching Excellence) at or Cris Elder (Associate Professor, Director, Writing Across the Curriculum) at If you have any questions about Level 3, please contact Stephanie Spong (Associate Director, Center for Digital Learning) at